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Tourist Attractions in Suphanburi

Shrine of the city god

Heaven Dragon, a Buddhist sculpture carved on a stone relief. (Relief)Mahayana Buddhism Khmer Art is a form of Vishnu hat guest. In the Praia D'Meng Approximately 1300-1400 years oldDragon Descendants Museum, learn the history through art. Painting, sculpture and mixed media techniques that thrilled the audience.


Sam Chuk Market century

Sam Chuk market Water is a major source of trade in ancient times. The district is also the old market built of wood by-side. Along the west bank of the Tha Chin River. Tii makes the lives of people in the community, the museum houses a pharmacy Rak Khun request Gina China - Ancient Thailand. Coffee shops And still have ancient and original form suitable for conservation.


Donchedi King Memorial

King Naresuan the Great was built pagoda. To celebrate the victory in the war Iuthheete. He has on His Majesty the King of the equipment inside the pagoda, Burma, since 1591, have created a history. Both light and modeling the army of Myanmar and Thailand are hundreds of places that have the knowledge and experience and enjoy.


Temple Palais Syl

Temple Palais Syl The old temple Located along the road Malaiman pound Boise large district on the west bank of the river gold. City Hall about four kilometers away from the common folk called Wat Luang Pho temple is enshrined. A statue Palelai. Arts and modern Suvarnabhumi Thong.

Bueng Chawak

Bueng Chawak In Doem Bang Nang Buat District Suphanburi As part of the Tha Chin River. Caused by deposition of silt and mud. Was split out as a swamp. With plenty There are a variety of ecosystems Within an area of over 1700 hectares of rich vegetation species. The Red Lotus In the morning, the flowers bloom. Boasts a number.


Hor Koy BunHan Jamsai

Garden of Love heart of gold. The tower white Surrounded by beautiful gardens and colorful flowers. Serenaded by music And rhythmic dance of a beautiful fountain. Even at a time when the sun is below the horizon ass. Variations to this place is like a paradise.